A bit about US...


Mr Chen’s is a family owned and family loved company that’s been bringing Australia the best of Yum Cha for over 30 years. Our name pays tribute to our founder and resident dumpling lover, Mr Chen. To this day, each and every dumpling is carefully crafted to do justice to his family recipes.  And while our name has changed, our dedication to bringing people together with sensational, shareable food hasn’t.   We’re firm believers that the best meals are shared with the people we love, and that’s why we take great pride in making seriously good quality food that’s simple to prepare. So you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time savouring meals together.

Whether it’s a quick and easy dinner for the family or a feast for friends, Mr Chen’s makes every meal memorable.


Who is Mr Chen?

Father. Foodie. Dumpling Extraordinaire. When Mr Chen arrived in Australia in 1978, he brought his love of food with him. It’s a passion that was passed onto him and his 12 siblings by his parents who sold groceries and salted duck eggs. His fondest memories revolve around his stomach, like getting a few dollars from grandma and not being able to sleep because he was that excited about buying noodles for breakfast the next day. And while he may not have learned to speak English until he was 35, he was cooking anything he could get his hands on from the word go. Dumplings were always his favourite, and he wanted to share his love for them with all Australian’s. And so the family business was born, bringing his authentic flavours and recipes to the masses. To this day Mr Chen and his family continue to make it their mission to bring deliciously simple snacks and meals to Australian homes and restaurants.

Yum Cha 101


Yum Cha has a history that’s as rich and varied as the food itself.  The term Yum Cha literally means ‘drink tea’, and it was this practice of sipping tea while sharing petite handmade delicacies with family and friends that began the Yum Cha revolution. The bite-sized treats themselves are called ‘dim sum’, and in the US that’s what they call the entire meal. Authentic Yum Cha wouldn’t be complete without tea, such as Jasmine, Dragon Well and Chrysanthemum. And it’s handy to remember that a teapot lid resting on its side next to an empty teapot handle is the universal sign for a tea refill.

The tradition of Yum Cha has been practiced for centuries, originating in Chinese teahouses along the Silk Road to refresh weary travellers, farmers and labourers. Today, thanks to Mr Chen’s, it’s a little easier to enjoy the tastes of Yum Cha. Our authentic range is easy to prepare, and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home!